About us


Leemac Appliances was founded in 1970 when two Italian solicitors started a partnership importing rangehoods and small cooking appliances from Italy. The high quality standard and the passion for stylish and functional appliances paid out. Leemac's initial customers were builders associated with retirement villages and housing developments as well as reknowned kitchen manufactures. 

The success story was continued, here some highlights of our company history

In 1999  
Leemac developed universal rangehood Ducting Kits to suit most types of rangehoods and ducting situations.

In 2005 
Leemac introduced their first models of Italian manufactured BBQ Rangehoods, which has since grown to a large range of high performing, extremely reliable hoods that can withstand the heat, oil and smoke that a BBQ produces.

In 2006 
Leemac developed Canopy Rangehoods with motors that can be easily removed (for cleaning or servicing) from the canopy without the use of tools or technical knowledge. 

We also introduced stainless steel baffle filters to replace and standard aluminium filters. Leemac was the first company to do so in Australia.

In 2017 
Leemac developed a new generation of Ducting Kits, finished in Australia and customised to the Australian market needs. 

In 2019 
Leemac introduces the Remote Blower Kit, where the motors on certain hoods can be placed in the ceiling to reduce noise levels. These kits can also be retro fitted to existing hoods.

Our large range of Italian manufactured, reliable and high performing rangehoods are now available and delivered to customers in all states of Australia.  

We are an Australian family owned and operated business. Our philosophy is to provide premium quality products at solid and competitive prices and to ensure the best possible customer service.
Our commitment starts with the rangehoods which are engineered to match the Australian requirements, duct kits and accessories followed by a competent after sales support through our long-term and sustainable contacts with reliable installers Australia wide.

We love fresh air!